Jennie Mae Yang

Seeking support as you navigate the ambiguities of your leadership journey?

I invite you to work with me as your coach and facilitator.

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I'm here to help you shift
your inner experience from:



Self Doubt







Self Confidence



My Philosophy

As your coach and facilitator, it is a privilege to create and hold safe space for you to be seen, heard, and supported in a non-judging way. I believe that:


  • You are already whole, and there is nothing wrong with you.
  • There is vast opportunity to embark on a deep dive exploration of who you are and who you would like to become.
  • You first must learn to acknowledge, accept, and love all parts of yourself fully.


And from here, your experience of life will grow and expand in ways you’ve always dreamed of.



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Let's partner to prioritize your own flourishing and transform the most fundamentally important relationship in your life:  
your relationship to yourself.


One-on-One Coaching Engagements

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1 Month
3 x 90 Minute Sessions

Realign   3 Months  6x 90 Minute Sessions  $1,590

3 Months (Recommended)
6 x 90 Minute Sessions

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6 Months
10 x 90 Minute Sessions

Ready to Flourish? 


Designed with Love,
Personalized for You

What's Included Within All Engagements:

Values Alignment & Embodiment

Current State Discovery

Desired State Exploration

Beliefs & Mindset Shift

Transformation Work

Sessions In-Person or Over Zoom

Email Support As Needed

3 - 6 Month Engagements Also Include:

Custom Recorded Guided Meditations

Custom Growth Plan and Workbook