Jennie Mae Yang


I'm Jennie

A women’s leadership coach and facilitator dedicated to helping you embody your joy.


I created

my coaching practice to serve women who are on their leadership journey and have a wholehearted desire to experience a life well lived.

With nearly a decade of leadership experience in both personal and professional contexts and as a certified Master Practitioner in Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tNLP), I bring to you a unique coaching approach based in ancient and modern practices. 

By leveraging meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and tNLP, let’s partner together to unlock your joy of being and help you show up as the leader you’d like to be.  


My Story

As an American Born Chinese, I grew up with values of working hard and achieving - my identity was: 

“I am what I achieve." 

In pursuit of the American dream and climbing the career ladder for nearly a decade in high-stress work environments within Corporate America, Silicon Valley, and Silicon Beach, I completely lost touch with myself.  For several years, I woke up and went to sleep in a stressed state because of self-induced and collective pressure to be a high performer. Even after working 80+ hour weeks, I felt like I wasn’t doing enough. Propelled by burnout, impostor syndrome, and my quarter-life crisis, I became my worst forms of self - reactive, defensive, and angry - and hit rock bottom. 

Blooming of a Lotus.jpg


this rock bottom state was the impetus for my awakening. I asked myself:

“What’s the point of life when I feel this miserable and empty?” 

In this pivotal moment, I made a firm decision to re-wire my beliefs around the meaning of my life:

"That I am here to love. To love myself unconditionally and fill my cup first, so I can share my love with others from the overflow."

In 2016, I began my inner journey and deepened my practices in meditation, yoga, and journaling. In 2017, I felt a call to hop off the career ladder and take a leap into the unknown. I quit my job in tech to invest in my ongoing learning, begin tNLP training, and dive even deeper into my personal growth.

After spending significant time on the meditation cushion and in classrooms with teachers, trainers, and coaches, I've re-discovered my authentic true nature - one of love, compassion, and joy. My identify has shifted into:

“I am who I am.”

About_My Reality.jpg

My reality

has transformed into a beautiful experience of life moment to moment. I’ve built the capacity to be present and have created more space and stability with my thoughts and emotions. I’ve taken ownership for creating my own reality and the reality I desire. I’ve realized that all of my life’s experiences have led me to my mission:

To serve as a catalyst for women to unlock their joy of being by partnering with them to transform their inner experience.

Thank you for showing up, as I am honored to be by your side on this journey toward flourishing.