Jennie Mae Yang

The world needs you
to unlock your joy of being

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I'm Jennie

A women’s leadership coach and facilitator dedicated to helping you embody your joy.


My mission is to serve as a catalyst for women
to unlock their joy of being
by partnering with them to transform their inner experience.


Let's Get Started

I created my coaching practice to serve women who are on their leadership journey and have a wholehearted desire to experience a life well lived.
By leveraging meditation, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and Transformational Neuro-Linguistic Programming (tNLP),
let’s work together to unlock your joy of being and help you show up as the leader you’d like to be.  


One-on-One Coaching

Let's begin a partnership to embody your joy across any or all facets of life. 

Group Experiences

Join me for upcoming group classes, events, and workshops focused on developing women in leadership.


Kate B.

Managing Director
California, USA

"As someone who studied psychology, there is not much that could impress me in this field. But Jennie did! In only two hours, she was able to do magic. By her thoughtful approach, I felt unblocked and given a positive and powerful fresh perspective on life.

Thank you Jennie, I can't recommend you enough!"

"Jennie's presence is like a good cup of tea for your soul.  I've come out of my discussions with Jennie both reassured and with greater clarity into my life purpose."  

Sophia T.

Principal Consultant
Texas, USA

Dr. Ashley T.

Physical Therapist and Entrepreneur
New Jersey, USA

"Jennie facilitated huge shifts and breakthroughs in all areas of my life. She was great at asking questions in a way that allows you to get to the answer or ah-ha moment. She created a space where I felt safe - this allowed me to discover deeper meaning into why I was reacting in ways that did not even feel to be my own.  When I was stuck in my old patterns and way of being, there was no place for me to receive anything from others. Now, I am truly able to get present in the moment in my life and more importantly, receive the love that others are putting out there for me. Not even an hour after my session with Jennie, I was in the car with my significant other, and he immediately noticed and commented on how my way of being was different. He actually felt me being present with him.

Thank you Jennie for doing incredible work and enabling me to embody more worth than I could ever imagine for myself. You are an amazing coach, and I am so grateful that I am able to work with you!"

Ready to Flourish?